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Illustrative essay I sometimes sit back and think of the amount of time I’ve wasted in my life. I graduated from high school back in two thousand nine and barely completed my freshman year in college, just to work and be independent so I thought I was at the time. I usually tend to beat myself about it when I think back because I know I had and still have the a lot of potential to do all great thing I had planned for myself and the great aspirations my parent had/have for me. Although I may let get to me at times as the great Euripides once said “waste not fresh tears over old griefs”. What that means to me is you can’t waste time nor energy on the oil or past life goes in you just have to pick up and keep on moving. For instance I use to beat myself on a regular basis about coming back to school so much because I know the importance of an education, which is a for a better life for my family and I. I knew I wanted to go back but, I made so much excuses for myself because of all I had going on. For example I moved out at nineteen I had a child, I have to work all kinds of crazy hours to be able provide for my child. Suddenly found myself having to worry At least I was independent I thought. It wasn’t until I simply just stop thinking and morning on the past just get up and do what I say I want to do. At the time being a young nineteen year old young adult the fact that I could say I was independent like, having my own place, my own car, was what seem important. All I wanted to do is be the host all the game nights be the house everyone comes to when there too drunk to go home the house to what as young one would consider the spot. When everyone would go home to their family or tell me stories about what they had going on in school I would always revert to fleeing low because instead of being around my parents and going to school I now have responsibilities. I

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