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Coop1 Kevin W. Cooper Professor Leighton English 099 28 July 2012 MY WIFE My wife, Deborah, is the driving force and most influential person I know. She always has positive things to say to me that is always in my best interest. For instance, she says things like,” remember that your situations can always be worse”, whenever I get frustrated about things that I have no control over. She tells me to focus on the things that I can affect and stay positive about what you are trying to accomplish. She is the voice of my conscience when I need a little confidence to get me thru my troubled times. Deborah, is and has been my backbone thru the challenging times in my life. She doesn’t take anything for granite. Deborah is always thinking of the future and not just living day to day. For example, when it comes to our financial security, she always put back money for rainy days and unexplained situations that happen to us. She carefully and thoughtfully plans out things for the family that affect our everyday lives. She constantly, stays on my son about his chores around the house and gives me a” honey do list” that needs attention. Her attention to detail is very direct and she will not hold back when she has something to say. She continues to put her family first and herself second because she believes that we are the only thing that is important in her life. She’s very unselfish and thoughtful. My wife, Deborah, will always put our needs before hers. She is caring and forth right when it comes down to making sure that I and my son have what we need to get thru the day. My son, Kevin Junior, is a life guard at the local 25 meter swimming pool located on Fort Polk Army Installation. She is always making sure that he has lunch to take with him and Gatorade or water to drink every day. She works hard every day of the week and when

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