Illusion and Reality in a Streetcar Named Desire

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Illusion and Reality in A Streetcar Named Desire In the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams Blanche’s world is often contrasted to the world of Stella and Stanley. Blanche’s world is portrayed as this elite upper class perfect life that is very different from Stella and Stanley’s life. Stella and Stanley’s world is portrayed as a very degraded under to middle class life that is no where near as extravagant as Blanche’s. In some ways Blanche’s world is an illusion when compared to Stella and Stanley’s but it’s not any less real to her. Reality in this play is often defined by pain of the hard truth. In many ways Blanche’s world is just an illusion that Blanche created to protect herself from the harsh reality that she was living in. Blanche’s world at first is portrayed as a perfect elite life because she came from a wealthy family and had all the perks of being wealthy, but in reality Blanche’s life is no where near perfect. Blanche lost all of her family’s wealth and Belle Reve by paying for the funerals of everyone that died in her family. Without any money Blanche’s life wasn’t glamorous anymore. When Blanche went to visit Stella, her illusion began. She tried to hide the truth about who she really was in Laurel, a teacher who was fired for sleeping with a student and a women known for sleeping around with many men. Blanche’s fantasy began as she made she made herself out to be an old-fashioned woman who was proper and modest, which was not true at all. Stanley exposed Blanche’s illusion when he confronted Blanche’s lie about staying at the the Flamingo by saying, “ She moved to the Flamingo! A second-class hotel which has the advantage of not interfering in the private social life of the personalities there!” (99). This showed that Blanche’s perfect upper class life was just an illusion and a lie. After losing her money Blanche’s world took an

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