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Introduction. I bet you just like a million other people have a favorite type of music. The music you listen to may be very different then the person sitting next to you. Now what if you decided one day to take a even deeper look at the music industry that your music comes from, and you notice some unusual behaviors? After noticing these behaviors you take an even deeper look into the industry. While doing some research you see that there is a secret society also known as The New World Order that puts out symbols that are perceived as satanic and associated with black magic. There is a secret society called The Illuminati, that has been around for hundreds of years. This society is believed to be targeting people threw media mostly the music that we hear each and everyday. Not that many people know about this group because they are so secretive that its barely noticeable to the naked eye and ear. Being mythical, the murder of Tupac Shakur , or the talk about the murder of Michael Jackson. All that a single person can do is to explore the history, power, and involvement with what they put out into the media. Symbols of The Illuminati. When you hear the word symbol, many different things could come to your mind. Symbol is something such as a particular mark that represents some piece of information. Such as when you come to a stoplight you know if It is green then you would go, but if red you would stop. The world is made up of a bunch of different symbolic meanings that we use everyday in our lives without knowing so. So the common question would be only left to answer; Why would the Illuminati use symbols to get threw to us without us even knowing what was going on? This is simple, if we knew what they were doing then we wouldn't contribute to buying the music we listen to everyday and this would make it harder on them to get threw to us. I bet you wouldn't

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