Illuminated Individualism Essay

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Illuminated Individualism: The notion of recognizing the significance of the different identities of an individual, and taking into account that these different identities shape an individual’s life and his/her perceptions. According to Tim Wise in his book Colorblind, illuminated individualism is a possible solution to overcome racism and colorblindness, and that through illuminated individualism fairness and equality can be prosperous (158). The idea that illuminated individualism can bring about fairness and equality is a likely one. To stimulate illuminated individualism, it would entail for an individual to be race conscious and color conscious. This means for an individual to recognize that there are different kinds of people, such as difference in skin colors, but that difference doesn’t make a certain person any more or less of a human being than another person with a different skin color. However, it can mean that these individuals with different skin colors might bring something different to the table, which can be a positive thing. Differences in skin colors can represent the different identities of an individual, and as Wise states, “It’s not that our individual identities or national identities are unimportant: They too have meaning” (155). Diverse and differing identities shape individuals into themselves; it allows individuals to be the unique persons they are. Imagine if everyone was the same as everyone else, there just wouldn’t be any fun or excitement. Say Being race conscious and color conscious can help implement illuminated individualism in daily life by not being colorblind, by acknowledging that there’s still racism in the world and come to an understanding that despite the difference in races everyone deserves fairness and equality. It is not enough for individuals to be race and color conscious. To further
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