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Abstract : * Education is the largest opportunity men get a full experience from * Students when thinking of enrolling in universities, they think of getting a proper education, as long as proper secures for them a reputable job. * Students take into consideration during their tactful and intelligent choosing process three main factors: their parent’s financial abilities, their high-school years GPA and the majors associated with, and the social condition 1st paragraph: * Lebanon has 41 nationally-accredited universities, several of which are internationally recognized, and only one is Public, the Lebanese University (LI). * The most famous one is the American University of Beirut (AUB) * Students should be thinking of their major the minute they finished the 1st secondary grade at least, they should be aided by teachers and counselors to make the right decision precisely. 2nd paragraph: * Higher education is extremely vital for a student, since it accredit him a job later on * Lebanon's illiteracy rate is relatively low for the Middle East. 3rd paragraph: * Despite the high costs of education, 48% of students are enrolledb in private schools and 12% in semi private schools (usually schools that are run by religious or political associations). * main challenge that faces the educational system is improving the quality of education through an improved curriculum and upgraded/renovated educational structures * With this high tuition fee, Lebanese people have given the study abroad idea a chance. 4th paragraph and 5th paragraph: * Most Lebanese are studying abroad; on one hand they are experiencing a new life away from their family, in hopes of meeting new acquaintances, and on the other, gaining a proper education in prices less expensive than in their own land so it’s a 2-in-1 sealed deal. * However some

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