Illegal Music Downloads Essay

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Finally, an extremely popular song is available online to purchase. Instead of paying for the song, a simple download from a file-sharing website is all that is needed to receive it. Downloading music through the internet is exceedingly effortless. A search of a song through a file sharing website is all that is needed to receive the song chosen without having to pay a cent. After downloading the song, the police come at the door and give a paper stating a lawsuit about illegally downloading music off the internet and a fine has been issued as a consequence. Downloading copyrighted music is illegal and without paying is considered to be a violation of the law. The unlawful decision of downloading illegal music could lead to an exceedingly high fine. Opposing to free illegal music, people should download music legally. Downloading music was first introduced by an online music sharing service called Napster. This online sharing website allowed members to download free audio files. Once the word spread out of free music downloads, millions of people began to download thousands of music files every day off of Napster. This website satisfied millions of members, but record companies that produced these songs, uploaded on Napster, were not so jubilant about their belongings being downloaded for free instead of being purchased. A lawsuit was filed against Napster in the year 2000 of April by the world known rock band, Metallica. This rock band did not appreciate how their music was freely spread to download. Drummer Lars Ulrich described illegal downloading of their music like an “art [is] being traded like a commodity rather than the art that it is” (Marshall 2002). He specifically explains how people treat the music they make as something cheap that does not receive any respect rather than an expensive work of art. Metallica accused Napster for, “Contributory and

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