Illegal Immigration Video Analysis

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The first video I chose to write about was the one that talked about US immigration. The video discussed how the United States is constantly adjusting to immigrants entering our country, and how these people have an affect our country. Other countries have become stricter about illegal immigrants entering their country, yet the United States has remained very lenient. But the question is: How does immigration relate with ethics? It’s simple: legal immigration is ethical, and illegal aliens in a country is not. Immigrants utilize the immigration process, while illegal aliens avoid it. Most countries have legal immigration policies, so they don’t turn down people that need help, which is ethical. No country can accept everyone that wishes…show more content…
No. Do I feel that there are positive aspects of immigration? Of course. Immigrants bring different cultural backgrounds to our country, which helps make the US so diverse. Legal immigrants bring different traditions, inventions, products and ideas to our businesses and organizations. On the other hand, illegal aliens bring gangs, poverty and disease. The second video I chose discussed Sierra Leone battling their troubles with blood diamond control. According to the video, there are about one million minors, but only one thousand licenses among them. This is has been a problem for a while. Sierra Leone Diamonds are known to be some of the best quality diamonds available today in the jewelry world. This might be the main reason why blood diamonds have caused the chaos they have had over so many years. Since the first diamond was discovered in Sierra Leone, extremely unethical violence has unfolded in this country. When people recognize the value of these diamonds, they attempt to take full advantage of them and try to make a profit out of illegally mining them. Every year, more and more diamonds are being exported illegally rather than through legal means. Sierra Leon is trying to control this mess, but how do you control over a million illegal minors working daily. It’s a terribly difficult task because diamond mines cover the entire country. The video stresses how complex the situation is, and how they need figure out a way to
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