Illegal Immigration Priorities

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Americas Illegal Immigration Problem Why is illegal immigration one of the top priorities in the presidential election? Immigration has been one of America’s major priorities ever since the United States was declared an independent nation. Over the years the population of illegal immigrants has dramatically increased because they want to live the “American Dream,” they want to have what all Americans have. They want to be able to live in the land of the free and be apart of America‘s “One Nation Under God.” Some say that illegal immigrants take jobs and health care away from American citizens, contribute to crime, and burden the taxpayers. Others say the low-skilled workers support the economy by doing jobs that most American citizens don’t…show more content…
The population of illegal immigrants have dramatically increased because they all want to live the life that Americans live. Both Obama and McCain see and understand that’s all the illegal immigrants want is to be able to live the American Dream. That is why both of the candidates are working hard to make it possible for the immigrants to be able to live their dreams. Immigrants just want to be able to live their dream as a legal immigrant. And this is exactly what Obama and McCain are doing, making that dream possible for the immigrants who are legal and have earned the right be here in America. Work Cited Immigration Law Center LLC. “How To Become a US Citizen.” 26 Oct. 2008. 26 Oct. 2008. “John McCain on Border Security and Immigration” McCain Palin. 26 Oct. 2008. 26 Oct. 2008. Ohlemacher, Stephen. “Drop in Immigration Tied to Economy”. ProQuest. 23 Sept. 2008. 27 Oct. 2008. “Plan for Immigration” Barack Biden. 27 Oct. 2008. 27 Oct. 2008. “Telling America’s Story”. 25 Feb. 2008. 27 Oct.

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