Illegal Immigration Effects On America

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Illegal Aliens Illegal immigration is a problem that affects all around the world but mainly America. Illegal immigration, especially from Mexico threatens the United States several ways. Illegal immigration harms America economy by using social services and by taking jobs from Native Americans. It also harms America because the United States is looking to control over who comes over its borders. (DW pg.17) Many Americans blamed illegal immigrants for causing unemployed and hardship for Americans workers because they work for low wages. America has accepted more legal immigrants as residents than all the rest of the world. Since 1789, the establishment of its constitutional government millions of people left their native lands…show more content…
In 2007, a reporter sates that 267,000 illegal immigrants currently in jail in the United States are responsible for close to 1.3 million crimes from drug trafficking to rape and murder. In Los Angeles, the home to the largest Hispanic immigrant community in the United States. In 2006, the city of Los Angeles experienced 15.7 percent increased to federal agencies for aid to capture gangs. In Los Angeles County Jail there are 20 percent inmates and 10 percent inmates in Orange County jail who are illegal immigrants. Federal government is paying more money to meet the social welfare needs of the growing population but there is uncertainty as to how much is due to poor and illegal immigrants. For the United States Custom and Borders plan, it cost $187,744 to hire and train each new agent that is brought to help police the 2,000 mile border. California has received $88 million from the federal government in 2005 for the cost of incarcerated illegal…show more content…
It seems as the United State in not doing anything to stop the illegal immigrants, they must seal the borders. Another thing law enforcement should do is prosecute employers who hire illegal immigrants. If there were no jobs most illegal immigrants would leave, or most would not come in the first place. My solution to immigration begins with eliminating incentives for people to come to America illegally. To do this, we must increase and enforce the penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. If employers don’t lure illegal immigrants here with jobs, then they may be less likely to try to get ¬into our country illegally. On the ¬positive side, there would be more jobs for legal citizens and only people who pay taxes would use our schools and hospitals. The United States should not let any person come to America without learning how to speak English. It does not hurt anyone by learning a new language. Another thing is the IRS needs to worry more about the illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are not paying their fair taxes, and if they owe taxes they would not file a return. They are also taking over

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