Illegal Immigration Economic Analysis

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The impact of illegal immigrants in the United States can largely impact the economy in both beneficial and negative ways. This particular debate is very controversial and after doing some research I too, can see both sides this controversial issue has on our economy. One particular article I read on the New York Times was examining an illegal immigrant who came over from Guatemala to New York and was working on construction sites, as essentially, an assistant to the electricians and carpenters by transporting heavy equipment and cleaning up the work sites (Davidson, 2013). This job was earning Pedro Chan an estimated $25,000 a year income, which is considerably less than the average construction worker in New York, and unless Chan learned…show more content…
Considering agriculture is such a huge industry here in Montana I found this articles importance and relativity worthwhile. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture over half of agricultural employees in the United States are undocumented workers, a majority of these workers came from Mexico (Goodman, 2014). “Any potential immigration reform could have significant impacts on the U.S. fruit and vegetable industry. From the perspective of National Milk Producers Federation in 2009, retail milk prices would increase by 61 percent if its immigrant labor force were to be eliminated (Goodman, 2014).” Not only would deporting these immigrants overwhelmingly increase the prices of these products, but because there are so many undocumented workers in this field, ultimately there would be a shortage of agricultural products (Goodman, 2014). I could not believe that statistic, and how important it is for there to be an immigrant labor force in the agricultural industry. Ultimately, as there is counter debates in any controversial issue, skeptics state how much those immigrants contribute to the Social Security Trust Fund, which statistics have shown is nearly 10 percent, or 300 billion dollars (Goodman, 2014). Although, there is negative effects on the economy of undocumented workers and there is a small percentage of native…show more content…
Most illegal aliens do not pay income taxes, and of those who do, most of the collected revenues from that is turned around and paid back to them during tax returns (Martin & Ruark, 2011). On top of that most illegal immigrants claim tax credits, resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury (Martin & Ruark,

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