Illegal Immigration In The Bahamas

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In the Bahamas today there are many migrants who live here and have established families and found jobs. I believe that it is acceptable for foreigners to move to a country like the Bahamas or anywhere else in the world if they intend to into that country under the terms and agreements of the law. I do not and will never agree to accept migrants who come to live in countries like the Bahamas without lawful terms. Illegal immigrants are those persons who have entered a country illegally and therefore have committed an offence against that country. People who are caught committing this offence are subject to deportation. In the Bahamas many of us are unhappy about our illegal immigration situation but there are far more of us who accept it and seem to have no issue with illegal immigrants coming here and residing in our society. This is why the illegal immigrant numbers are on an increasing rise and very soon we Bahamians are going to face an illegal immigrant epidemic. In my opinion Bahamians are playing the major role in the cause of illegal immigrants coming to the Bahamas. We are indeed to blame for the presence of illegal immigrants in the Bahamas, Our government appears to be lacking commitment in resolving this issue, Bahamians support of illegal trafficking and Bahamians are more than willing to supply illegal immigrants with jobs because they don’t demand high salaries. The Bahamian government appears to be lacking commitment in resolving the issue of illegal immigration. I say this because there is very little or perhaps no discussion at all about what affords our government is trying to utilize so that illegal immigration can be brought to end in the Bahamas. In an online article written by Sidney Stubbs he says in the case of illegal Haitians that “100% of them coming to stay in the Bahamas in the first instance because the news in Haiti is that we
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