Illegal Immigration: A Spreading Cancer

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Illegal Immigration: A Spreading Cancer May 21, 2012 The United States is comprised of immigrants from a plethora of countries. For this reason, our Country is often referred to as “The Melting Pot”. The vast majority of citizen’s ancestors at one point ventured to this Country we now call home. These travelers had various reasons for coming here; political unrest, economic distress, or poverty in their former country, as well as innumerable other motives. I believe one of the primary incentives to migrate to the U.S. is simply for a fresh start, a new beginning. Where is a superior place for that than the land of the free, the home of the brave? The U.S. supports immigration and welcomes those who migrate to our country legally with…show more content…
Illegal immigrants flood our schools, and while some speak English, most do not, which causes our education system much difficulty as they seek to accommodate them. Teachers are required to take extra classes in order to teach the illegal aliens’ children about their native country’s culture and to explain to the students effectively. These English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses as well as English as a Second Language (ESL), and other courses take an enormous amount of time, time that teachers could spend preparing to teach legal United States citizens. Illegal immigrants’ children are also a stress on the system because they need constant attention and special courses in order to learn effectively. This requires the education system to spend more money and thus increases taxes, on legal American citizens, not illegals. The massive amount of money our education system has to spend on educating illegal immigrants in some cases results in the need to lay-off teachers. This adds to our current unemployment rate as well as consequences in larger class sizes. This in turn reduces the amount of teaching that can go on in the classroom, causing teachers to have more students than they can…show more content…
I believe before we address the issue of what to do with the illegal immigrants that have already intruded into our country, we first need to cut off anymore illegal immigrants from venturing here. There are countless suggestions as to how we should accomplish this task, and there is no right or wrong recommendation. Such ideas include: building a fence along the border, revoking the birthright citizenship, removing the availability of health services and social services to illegal immigrants, and using drones to spot illegal immigrants. I will concentrate on two of these proposals. In my opinion, refusing to grant illegal immigrants health and government services will greatly aid in diminishing the flow of illegal immigrants that are coming into America. This includes nullifying The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which as aforementioned, declares that hospitals cannot decline anyone emergency medical care regardless of their citizenship, status, or ability to pay (Illegal Immigration Statistics). Since many Mexican natives seek the opportunity of medical treatment in the United States, their inability to receive such treatment would cause America to look somewhat less appealing to them, and would reduce their reasons of coming here. Secondly, the use of drones could very effectively impede those who would seek to illegally enter the country. These are unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to

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