Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigration Living in a country where there are numerous cultures that move here because they believe it will be a better life for them and their family can at times call for desperate measures. The increasing number of illegal immigrants is becoming a problem. Many think an illegal immigrant is someone who has invaded our country for no good reason; typical on the basis of drug smuggling or human trafficking, but that is not always the reason. An illegal immigrant is someone who has either entered a country without permission or someone who has been granted to live here, but has stayed beyond the allowed time. Other countries face illegal immigration, but the United States seems to be the hit spot to come to. The United States has faced illegal immigration for such a long time that many would think they would have found a way to decrease or put a stop to it. Stereotypically many think illegal immigrants are dangerous people who are trying to steal and cheat their way through life and have nothing better to do. Yes everyone thinks they come to take all the job opportunities away, but what they do not realize is that they are taking the jobs are low paying and nobody that is legal wants. Not all cases are what they seem to be. Many illegals are often forced to do so out of desperate measures to survive and support their families. A common concern is that illegal immigrants are putting financial stress on the economy and are out there to take our jobs. Yes, everyone does deserve a chance to a better life, but trying to get there illegally is not the answer. Throughout the years there have been many suggestions to put a stop to illegal immigration such as hiring more border patrols and building more fences. So far neither solution has seemed to work. The time consumption to do all of this takes too long and by the time they know it, more illegals have

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