Illegal Immigration Essay

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Todd Zandt Professor Perry English 1102 February 25, 2008 Illegal Immigration What is America? America is a nation of immigrants. Ever since our country came into existence our borders have been open to anyone who wishes to enter this country legally. We do not have limitations on the country of origin, ethnicity, or culture. The idea of the great melting pot is what defines us as a nation. Unfortunately today we are faced with a problem that threatens our way of life and our continuation as a prosperous nation. This problem is illegal immigration. Every day the effects of this issue become increasingly profound and more Americans are affected. Right now there are over twelve million illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico, living in this country. This number is appalling considering that is nearly twelve million jobs that are taken by illegal immigrants. The economic strain on education, welfare, and other social programs such as health care is even more hurtful to our country. Other problems arise when dealing with illegal immigration such as increased crime rates and traffic accidents. The threat of introduction of third world diseases and terrorism also is increased when illegal immigrants enter this country (Wagner 1 of 32). All of these problems are hurting our growth as a nation and put simply, something must be done to slow illegal immigration or stop it completely. This issue has been in debate for many years now. There are those who are in favor of illegal immigration and those who strongly oppose it. First, an overview of the solutions to stopping illegal immigration will be discussed. Some people believe that amnesty should be granted to the illegal immigrants living in this country now. This would mean that the United States would allow the 12 million immigrants in the country now to become citizens. This solution is often scrutinized because it

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