Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigration Making or Breaking Elections In the last decade, illegal immigration has become a national concern as it continues to nuisance our economy, breach social problems and risk our country’s security. Aside from these crucial qualms that loom above our governments platform, there is a hidden consequence of our permeable borders that goes unnoticed. The outcomes of our country’s crucial elections are falsifier. Some illegal aliens have eagerly participated in voter fraud which misrepresents our democracy; but others that merely occupy a space within our borders, affect apportionment and electoral votes only by their presence in the United States. Illegal immigration has become a controversial issue between politicians and a seldom few have actually campaigned for the topic. Neither party is disposed to deploy illegal aliens or terminate the guest worker program since they perceive advantages to their existence in our country. Conservatives see illegal immigration as cheap labor and liberals see illegal immigration as a boost of economy, raising wages and taking away unemployment. However, due to our porous borders, our country has been negatively impacted by crime, detention facilities, job security, taxes, wages, social security, health care, terrorism and drug and human trafficking all of which affect a raise in taxes. Now, over 5 million illegal aliens reside in the U.S. and with raising concern over our national security, some are more eager than others to patch up our borders and secure our state from the émigré taking advantage of our unfathomable immigration system. I believe that illegal immigration pollutes our country with certain uncontrollable issues and it makes our national security and economy vulnerable to superfluous modification. I’m no racist or Nationalist but I believe in preserving the American culture rather than over

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