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Illegal Immigration Is illegal immigration a good thing or a bad thing? A lot of people have their opinions. Some say it’s a good thing and some say it’s a bad thing. There is plenty information out there supporting both sides of the argument. In this essay I am going to talk about how illegal immigration can be a good thing but also can be a bad thing for some people. A lot of people say illegal immigration is a bad thing. I agree with them to a certain point. They say it’s bad because of all the drug trafficking going on on the border today. I agree with those statements. I agree with the border patrol stopping all the drug traffickers that try to smuggle drugs into this country. Border Patrol has been doing a great job at trying to stop all the drug trafficking. In the past two years, they have seized roughly $67 million dollars in just drug money. They have also seized thousands of pounds of drugs trying to be smuggled into the United States from various types of drugs including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana. I think that’s great, yea there are still tons of drugs being smuggled but the Border Patrol is doing a good job with the limited supplies and officers they have. They also argue that illegal immigrants come into this country to commit crimes and be up to no good. I don’t fully agree with this because not all people that migrate to this country come to do or get involved in bad things. A lot of people come here to work hard and try to achieve the American Dream. Yes some immigrants come and end up taking the wrong path. Either by getting involved in gangs, committing crimes or doing other things they shouldn’t be doing. I agree with arresting those people that do that and deporting them or sending them to prison. I also agree with catching all the people that try to smuggle drugs into this country and send them to prison.

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