Illegal Immigrants In The Military

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The United States is getting desperate; they have already fallen short of recruiting goals which is raising the need for more people to join the military. Hence the military has eliminated almost all of the prior requirements to join. Don’t have a high school diploma… that is fine, a person does not even have to be an American citizen. That is correct the United States military is taking in illegals, the same people (United States government) who say that they are trying to deport and prevent illegals from being in America is doing the exact opposite it’s total hypocrisy. So what are people suppose to believe that illegal residents are taking jobs that American’s want? No, because that is not the case, illegals are taking low paying usually…show more content…
The origins of illegal immigration date to the late nineteenth century. “In 1875, a federal law was passed which prohibited entry of convicts and prostitutes. In 1882 President Chester A. Arthur banned almost all Chinese immigration to the United States, and shortly thereafter barred paupers, criminals and the mentally ill from entering. Although this affected only a small percentage of immigrants, there were now distinctions between legal and illegal immigration” (End Illegal Immigration).According to this quote which came from the article “Americans working to stop Illegal Immigration” the United States has always had a problem with illegal immigration. Even though immigrating illegally to America might be considered wrong and a crime by some American people sometimes it’s necessary. In Miranda Hunter’s book Latino Americans and Immigration Laws “In 1900 an estimated 400,000 to 550,000 immigrated and were living throughout the America, due to economic conditions in Mexico which were bad due to the revolution.”(Hunter 38). The reason for them leaving Mexico was because they wanted a better life and America would let them have a chance at that with a better economy and a better shot to make more money, but also to escape the war and not be killed or have a loved one killed. Mrs. Hunter also states “That after the Mexican-American war ended the Mexicans that lived in what had just turned into United States territory were granted American citizenship, but most Mexicans didn’t speak any English and were only allowed to be on certain land which was designated to them by the U.S. government”(Hunter 36). So even though they were granted citizenship they were not really considered American citizens. Whether it is legal immigration or illegal immigration America was founded on
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