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Illegal Mexican Immigrants Raven Reed Dr. Stephen Kenealy PAD 590 D R P June 3, 2012 Introduction This section will detail how and what immigration laws and policies the United States are using to help reduce or control the problem of illegal immigration. There are many regulation, policies and laws in place to help prevent, limit or eventually stop illegal immigrants from migrating to America. The impetus of illegal immigration deterrence starts with efficient and effective of immigration laws and regulations. Senate Bill 1070 (Arizona), Proposition 187 (California) and Hammon-Beason 56 (Alabama) are just some of the controversial immigration bills designed to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants from migrating to America primarily focusing on illegal Mexican immigrants. Both articles are detailing laws and regulation on the issue of illegal immigration whether or not the laws are created by the state or federal government. State created immigration laws have caused such uproar from different lawmakers. The Obama administration is intensifying its suppression on harsh immigration laws; the administration has attorneys reviewing other newly proposed state laws and regulations to determine whether the federal government needs to take action on more state imposed laws on immigration. Author Findings Article 1 The State of Arizona passed a controversial immigration bill that gives the police the right to check any person immigration status, in which they suspect could be in America illegally. Senate Bill 1070 has caused an intense debate among defenders who are for stopping illegal immigration and the other defenders who believe that the bill is a violation of a person civil liberties and will lead to racial profiling the by the police against Mexicans. Also, people believe with the passing of Senate Bill 1070 would create a rift

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