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9. 犯罪题材 Crime 引言 青少年犯罪话题 是否应限制媒体中的犯罪细节 持续犯罪的原因以及解决途径 犯罪后应该被关进监狱还是应该进行社区服务 延长刑期是不是减低犯罪的最有效方法 对待犯罪分子,提高教育和工作的培训是不是比将他们送进监狱的更好办法 出现反社会的原因及解决方法 女性选择步入职场,没时间照看家庭是导致青少年犯罪的原因之一么 犯罪话题真题再现 20080816 There are now detailed reports about crimes on TV and newspapers. Some people say that crime details should be restricted in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 关键词解读:是否限制媒体上的犯罪细节 2009917 Some people think lawbreakers should be sent to prisons while others claim they should be made to work in communities. Discuss both and give your own opinion. 关键词解读:将犯罪分子关进监狱还是进行社区服务 20090613 Research suggests that the majority of criminals who were sent to prison would continue to commit crimes when set free. Why do you think this is the case? What can be done to solve this problem? 关键词解读:持续犯罪的原因20100130 Today there is a great increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect to others. What are the causes of this? What measures can be taken to reduce this problem?关键词解读:分析反社会行为的原因 20100805 In many parts of the world children and teenagers are committing more crimes. Why is this case happening? How should children or teenagers be punished? 关键词解读:青少年犯罪 | 链接机经关键词 ◎ 青少年犯罪的原因 (the reasons for the growing number of juvenile delinquency) 青少年犯罪成上升趋势(the increasing number of young offenders/ teenage criminals) 青少年走上犯罪的道路(embark on the criminal road)的原因是多种多样的(manifold) 其一是:例如在单亲家庭(single parent family),缺乏家庭的关爱及正确的引导(lack of connectedness and lack of parental care),甚至是有些家庭存在着家庭暴力(domestic violence/ family violence),不要给孩子贴上消极意义的标签(label) 其二是:社会的原因(be led astray in the complicated society) 其三是:科技的原因,互联网和手机为犯罪提供了新的渠道 (a new avenue for committing crimes) 其四是:学校的原因,学生承受的同伴带来的压力及学业压力、竞争压力(peer pressure and study pressure, the heated competition) 其五是:媒体上包括电视、电影、广告等上面的暴力和血腥的场面(the violent scenes on the

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