Ilegal Music Downloading Essay

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Aubree Taft Mrs. Dewey ENG. 101 #15646 4/22/2013 The Real Issue Imagine getting thrown in jail for letting your friend borrow your favorite CD or just copying a CD for your car and getting in big trouble with the police about it, but already own the CD. It would be incredulous to think about it, because it is hardly harmful to anyone. But ever since Napster, the big person to person file sharing company, was created in 1999, people have been downloading music for free. For consumers it was great because it became easier for them to get the music that they love. For the music industry, Napster was big trouble. The RIAA and NARAS publicity stated that by downloading music, it was hurting CD sales and even stated that they were going to start throwing people in jail because of it. People who download music illegally should not be punished because it helps the artists, the RIAA, NARAS and record companies manipulate laws, and file sharing cannot be stopped. By sharing music online, it has helped artists with exposure. Downloading music online is like giving away free samples. If you get a little taste of what the product is, you will eventually want more and go out and buy it. The author Mercedes Lacky had an increase of sales on her earlier books because people have been reading her other books on a free library (Ian 1). Without her books being on the free library website, she would not have had an increase of sales from her past books. People also download music to listen to new music. When people want to listen to new music, they go and download a bunch of songs that they have never heard of, listen to it, and if they really love the song, they will go out and buy their CDs and maybe even attend their concert. Janis Ian, a professional musician, stated “So when someone writes and tells me they came to my show because they’d downloaded a song and

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