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Codes of conduct and international framework agreements: New forms of governance at company level Case study: IKEA Information about the company Industrial relations context IKEA framework agreement Outcomes and impact Annexes Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18, Ireland. - Tel: (+353 1) 204 31 00 - Fax: 282 42 09 / 282 64 56 email: - website: The interviews for this case study were conducted in January and February 2007 with representatives of IKEA management, the European Works Council and the Building and Wood Workers International Union. In addition, internal material on the IKEA code of conduct (IWAY) and already existing studies have been used to compile this case…show more content…
The difference between both is very clear: the IFA is simply a political statement. The IWAY is a very practical and for all IKEA suppliers highly relevant document, defining production standards which must be fulfilled to become a supplier for IKEA. In practice, the code of conduct is the more important instrument for the suppliers and the BWI. All agreements on monitoring are based on the IWAY. The unions expressed their appreciation for IKEA’s efforts to improve working conditions at suppliers so far, but also pointed to the fact that IKEA’s system is not transparent enough and that trade unions must be more involved in monitoring and verification at the workplaces. The IKEA/BWI reference group meets regularly, at least twice a year, to exchange experiences on working conditions and social responsibility. The joint work programme covers the following issues: IKEA invited the BWI to assist in the improvement of working conditions for Chinese workers at their supplier companies located throughout China. This is within a current project on overtime reduction and increasing productivity carried out by the British consultancy Impact. IKEA invited BWI affiliates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Romania to participate in a compliance audit in each country, so as to gain knowledge and understanding of the IWAY process and procedures. IKEA is continuing to develop its present auditing procedures in a dialogue with the BWI. IKEA will become more transparent about auditing procedures and results. In 2004, IKEA published its first Social and Environmental Report, for 2003, and the report for 2005 has now also been published. However, IKEA will not give out general supplier information, e.g. supplier lists, for legal and competitive reasons. A good example of working together with IKEA within the framework of the IFA is the situation in Poland.

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