Ikea And Marketing Essay

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I. Introduction IKEA is a Swedish company which has been operating for 66 years worldwide. It is a franchise-based home products retailer that offers a wide range of affordable, well-designed and functional home furnishing products to all kinds of customer groups. Its marketing based on Nordic view is efficient all around the world coordinated from the head quarter in Netherlands. Figures from august 2009 illustrated this success, indeed IKEA has total number of 123,000 employees operating in 37 countries where it owns 301 franchising stores. This organization generated 22.713 million EURO last august increasing his gain from 2008 although the crisis period. [Inter IKEA, 2009] 1. Picture: Turnovers of IKEA since first opening 2. Picture: IKEA stores worldwide /Source: www.ikea.com/ Who have never heard about IKEA, the worldwide famous Swedish flat-pack furniture retailer? We chose to study Nordic marketing through IKEA because it appeared us obvious that it is a perfect example of a successful Nordic firm which try to follow the Nordic view of marketing focusing in relationship and services. “The IKEA Concept is based on offering a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them” [Inter IKEA system B.V 2003-2009]. This conception of the business arouses lot of thinkers and researchers, as Gummeson or Grönroos to comment and study the causes of IKEA’s efficiency. This fact assured us to find as information as we needed to write this report. The main point of our assignment is to understand the Nordic thinking and mentality better behind Scandinavian company, IKEA. We think that IKEA’s success is mostly built on its unique way of approaching to all the people who are related with the company somehow. These people are employees, customers, suppliers and other

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