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As you know that the IKEA is a kind of furniture retailer in the world , specially in the United States . So , as a retailer , it sells a lot of furniture products that require assembly. In addition , it is responsible about selling beds ,mirrors,desks, and baby toys , etc…… so as a kind of furniture retailer it has a lot of goals to make it true and it looks forward a lot of purposes… Firstly, as you already know that any shop in our world has a lot of purposes to achieve , so the IKEA furniture retailer want to have around 50 stores in the United States by 2013. In addition , the overall purpose of Inter IKEA group is to secure continous improvement and a long life of the IKEA concept .It has his famous phrase which is (( To creat a better everyday life for many people )). But you have to remember that designing the furniture and all products of the IKEA retailer with low price is the most important goal in it's road , to allow to the most of people to buy from them . Secondly, The IKEA was the fastest –growing furniture retailer in the United States ,because it was the seventh one , as one analyst put it : ( The IKEA created a unique niche , it is the quintessential power retailer in America .Nowadays , IKEA don't want to be just another supplier of traditional furniture ,but it wants to be unique . In addition they want to find a balance in their stores. In conclusion , IKEA is from the most important and popular furniture retailer in the United states , and it tries to improve it's merchandise with low prices to help people to buy from them . In addition , it looks forward to be the fastest-growing furniture retailer allover the world to achieve the highest rank worldwide… ** Resources : 1- Vedantam, Shankar (2013), "Why You Love That Ikea Table, Even If It's Crooked… 2- Norton, Michael I. (2009), "The IKEA Effect: When

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