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The Physical Stores are not Dead The articles that I have read mainly come from 3 articles: “IKEA's Focus Remains on Its Superstores” written by Jens Hansegard and Niclas Rolander was published in The WALL STREET JOURNAL on Jan. 28, 2014; “IKEA Completes Redesign of Marketplace to Offer an Updated Shopping Experience for Accessories” was published in the Business Wire on May 9, 2013; “More U.S. Shoppers Plan to Buy from Stores but Want the In-Store Shopping Experience to Match Convenience of Online” studied by Accenture was published in the Business Wire on Feb. 3, 2014. When the offline physical stores are talking about online stores, they have reached a feared situation because of the convenience and low price of the products offered by online stores, but I know a company that does not fear of the online store. Its name is IKEA. First, let's look at a group latest operating data of IKEA. IKEA has totally 349 stores in 43 countries. It reported a 3.2% revenue increase to €28.5 billion in fiscal 2013, which ended Aug. 31, boosted by strong sales in the U.S. and expansion in countries such as China and Russia. And there are 38 IKEA stores in the United States. IKEA has planned to open two more stores in the United States in the fall of 2014. Facing the great impact of electricity providers on offline physical stores, why IKEA's business was steadily improved? Because IKEA got these outstanding achievements, at least 3 questions can be explained. 1. The model of offline physical store is not dead. If adopting the right way, the physical store can get outstanding achievements. 2. People not only like cheap and convenient online shopping, but also the perfect shopping experience in the physical store. 3. The physical stores can use O2O to get a great success. After reading these operating data, let us look at what did IKEA do, which can make IKEA become a

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