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Social & Environmental Responsibility RepoRt  (39) Social & environmental Responsibility Report 2007 – produced by Corporate pR, IKeA Services AB. 2007 IKeA Social & environmental Responsibility Report 2007 tABle of ContentS ABOUT THIS REPORT INTRODUCTION 3 4 PRODUCTS & MATERIALS Home furnishing products Wood Cotton IKeA food IKeA Catalogue 5 5 7 11 12 14 CLIMATE CHANGE Carbon dioxide emissions IKeA buildings transport of products transport of people COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT CO-OPERATIONS KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 5 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 SUPPLY CHAIN 6 IWAY and IKeA Home furnishing Suppliers 16 Child labour 23  (39) IKeA Social & environmental Responsibility Report 2007 ABout tHIS RepoRt About this report This report describes the social and environmental responsibility work carried out at international level by the IKEA Group during FY07 (financial year 2007, from 01 September 2006 to 31 August 2007). Key performance indicators (KPIs) are listed in order to quantify achieved results. IKEA is following the current social and environmental strategy 2006-2009, which applies to specific focus areas: • Products and materials • Suppliers • Climate change • Community involvement Red text indicates a reference within this report. Blue text indicates a reference to a website outside this report. Would you like to know more? You can find more information about each topic covered in the IKEA Social & Environmental Responsibility Report 2007. Please visit the section “About IKEA/our responsibility” at www.ikea.com We welcome your input Please feel free to send your feedback about this report or any other topic to IKEA at www.ikea.com 3 (39) IKeA Social & environmental Responsibility Report 2007 IntRoduCtIon Dear Reader, This report is the result of the past

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