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Managing People and Organization DE3D Outcome 4 The analysis for a merger Candidate Name: Tu ying Grade and Class : 2010 Financial Services 3 Return date : December 30 , 2011 Contents Introduction 2 Main body 3 The new structure about the two companies’ merge 4 Matrix structure 4 Hybrid structure: 4 Shamrock organization 5 Contingency approach and the factors that affect the organization 6 Identify the different line, staff, functional and lateral relationship within the proposed new structure . 7 How the new organization practise its authority, responsibility and delegation effectively 8 Types of relationships 8 Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Introduction Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd was set up by David Barbour and Neil Brown under a new joint partnership in 1990. At the beginning, the team comprised David, Neil and two qualified engineers, Jack and James. Two qualified technicians and one apprentice technician. The firm concentrated solely on civil engineering projects. During the next 14 years the firm grew steadily. They mainly concentrating on the core civil engineering business, provide a high quality service and produce the designs to a high specification as efficiently as possible. In this company Neil concentrated on promoting the firm by sourcing business contracts, preferred not to get involved in work politics. David had little structural experience, left Neil to make decisions regarding the structural work. The different approaches operated by the two partners tended to cause annoyance. As John Colbert Senior was about to retire. Neil got the priority about merger. In the past for years Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd has a well cooperation with John Colbert Civil Engineering Contractors. This company think that continued success and growth would cater fully for both the design and development, more and more

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