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Should people let their feelings guide them when they make important decisions? People should let their feelings guide them when they make important decisions because our instincts often allow us to make a life changing choice. Though some deem that a set choice for a significant choice is crucial for an accurate and flawless result, it is through instinctive feeling that individuals discover their capacity and the motives of a goal. Nick Vujicic and Randy Paush epitomize my thesis. Nick Vujicic, an Australian without any limbs, has hovered a feeling of happiness in faith to spread the word of impossibility which ultimately helped Nick overcome his deprivation. Though many sympathized for his loss, with the courage, Nick lives like any other person. Also when he was young, Nick was often teased by his classmates and thought to give up; however, his blithe mindset to serve GOD guided him to become a renowned orator. For the past six years, Nick has been traveling around the world (to churches, schools, and organizations) to spread the word that nothing is impossible with his motto: “from no limbs to no limits.” Nick has constantly encountered fears, thus having the optimistic view of life – even with his loss – has aided Nick to go around in public and inspire those who were depressed. For instance, in one of his many speeches, Nick intentionally falls down on the table and gets back up using his head and all his might to indeed demonstrate to the grassroots that impossible is nothing with a positive inclination to surpass the brick walls – dilemmas. If Nick Vujicic had not had a positive attitude to surpass his deprivation, would he have been able to become an inspirational speaker in the society and break the barrier of his loss? Also, Randy Paush, a former professor at the Carnegie Mellon University who died of tumors, delivered through the “Last

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