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Need Answer Sheet of this Question paper, contact aravind.banakar@gmail.com www.mbacasestudyanswers.com ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224 P P M CASE NO - 1 Health or Work Mr.Victor is the marketing manager, looking after two sensitive products-Max and Priya (both are luxury soaps) - produced by Hindustan Trading Company. After a service of fifteen years, Mr. Victor now enjoys the second position in the marketing department of his company. Recently the company introduced a new soap for the elite class of customers. It was launched in all the big cities of India, under the overall supervision of Mr. Victor. Mr. Victor now travels twenty days a month and works for fourteen hours a day. His work is well appreciated by the chairman of the company. And was also rewarded with three direct increments. As an obvious result of this new development, Mr. Victor now looks after all the three sensitive soaps. Looking at his dashing approach to marketing, the company’s chairman now wants to give him the additional responsibility of an ‘international launch’ of these products. Unfortunately, Mr. Victor is now suffering from high blood pressure and has gone for medical treatment. Although he is on leave now, he has to resume his duties within a week. As per the doctor’s advice, Mr. Victor was supposed to take one month’s rest. Mr. Victor’s wife works in the government department and they are blessed with two school going sons. Required What is your advice for Mr. Victor? CASE NO - 2 Wanted a Leader Bombay Steel Limited is the market leader in raw steel, with 40% market share. The company has a work force of 35,000 employees including 6,000 officers. The chairman of the company Mr. Rangtha retired recently and could not place his successor immediately. The company is now facing severe competition from new entrants,

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