Ihrm Issues in Internationalization Process

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SAINT-PETERSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY HRM ISSUES IN INTERNATIONALIZATION PROCESS (ESSAY) 2012 Table of Content Introduction 3 Internationalization Process 4 IHRM Issues in Global Context 5 International HRM Vs. Domestic based HRM 8 HRM aspects of outsourcing 9 Examples 10 Conclusion 11 Sources of Information 12 The internationalization means the process of increasing involvement of different companies in international markets. The decisions of management to locate production activities abroad and to outsource resources are seen as the consequences of deeper involvement into international market operations. The internationalization process of companies reflects two main points. The first point is the understanding all the processes connected with initial companies entering the foreign markets. This includes the motives of internationalization, companies’ choice of entry modes, the strategies of internationalization adapted to their future processes and so on. The second point is the understanding of all later stages according to which companies decide to locate parts of their production abroad or to outsource some of their core activities internationally. In these latter days more and more companies decides to enter the international markets. That’s because there are different reasons of internationalization, that gives to those companies the vide range of opportunities: for example, the search for the better and cheaper resources (financial, human, physical, intangible), reduce of some companies’ risks, new market opportunities, the opportunity of diversification and so on. So according to this companies which go on international level could find a place where they would produce or distribute their products more effectively. But, of course, there are not only advantages, but also some problems and difficulties the companies could face with,
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