Ignorance Is Destruction

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Ignorance is Destruction Ken Liew By the subjective nature of perception, human beings are left to face conflict and sadly experience the inevitable by-product known as suffering. Perhaps it is through such suffering that defines the world we live in, a world which places high expectations on individuals and ridicules those who fail to meet them. It is important as individuals to acknowledge we are unable to fully dictate our own circumstances. However, there are many people that fail to cope with their insecurities and trick themselves into believing an alternate reality exists in order to bring happiness, avoid ridicule and ultimately maintain a sense of security in the world they live in. It is through self-ignorance and the notion that one’s happiness can be attained through living in the fantasy world that coerces most into avoiding the truth. It is often the case that our inability and unwillingness to attempt confrontation with our own realities lies with the fact that we fear the truth itself. Because the pain that arises from our truths can potentially disrupt our own paradigms of reality, this can compromise our visions of living in the world we desire. This is brutally expressed in Tennessee Williams’ piece ‘Streetcar Named Desire’, where troubled protagonist Blanche Dubois avoids the truth in an attempt to evocate a false reality. Blanche’s aim is to redefine her image and experience the fleeting joys of sexual immorality and alcoholism. However, the denial of her truth and the ignorance towards the reality of New Orleans eventually led to her own downfall. As she attempted to view what “ought to be the truth” rather than the actual truth, which was the wretched debauchery of her past. Williams’ demonstrates that living in the fantasy world only ever leads to tragic outcomes, Blanche’s admittance to a psychiatric ward symbolises this emphatic notion.
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