Ignorance In The Chrysalids

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"I killed a man it's not my fault he was sent by the Devil" A quote of a stuttering man that begins the new world full of excuses and mistakes. To be stamped a freak would an individual feel despair of hope? The Chrysalids, a novel by John Wyndham is a story of despair, despair where mistakes from the past is exerted into the future. Humans in the novel use alibis to excuse them from their offenses, and blame the ones that can not defend themselves. The characters all suffer due to the judgment and unacceptance that lead them to death or suicide in the future . Emotions of anguish and hopelessness a novel filled with despair. "Without remembering the past, [you] are condemned to repeat it." —George Santayana. Hypocrisy destroys the morals that God once had built but the walls were devoured by the ignorant humans. When Rosalind and the "think-together" people heard from David about Sophie they pushed her aside, because of mutation, and ignored her acknowledgement. "...wrestled with the novel idea that a Deviation might not be disgusting and evil..." (53) [David] The "think-together" people and many people of the population want the world to accept them but cannot accept the world as God intended it to be. Discrimination and prejudice are looked down upon in the past but are in everyday reality. Joseph, David's father, alike a priest in the new world does many sacrifices for god. ""As the sun rose we would sing a hymn while my father ceremoniously slaughtered the two-headed calf, four-legged chicken, or whatever other kind of Offence it happened to be. Sometimes it would be a much queerer thing than those..." (98) Hypocrites will always make excuses to cover up their guilt. Excuses used by children to cover up a fault are also used by grown men and women. Ignorance is full of corruptions; many humans use that as an advantage to exploit the blindness of many

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