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Key Stage 4 2012 – 2013 Year 10 and 11 (I)GCSE Core and Optional Subjects Information Book Message from Mr. Arthur (Vice Principal Academic) Welcome to Key Stage 4 options. The purpose of this booklet is to provide both students and parents with information about the courses that are available in Years 10 and 11 at Day Waterman College. Some subjects are compulsory as these are essential for a good all round education and for progression to higher level qualifications and university entrance. Going into Key Stage 4 is the first time students will be able to make choices about the subjects that they want to study in more detail – similarly they will be able to make choices about subjects that they don't want to study! The purpose of this booklet is to: Ÿ Present to parents and students the courses which are planned for the 14 -16 (Key Stage 4) age range, from September 2012 Ÿ Explain the syllabus content, course structure and assessment for all of these courses Ÿ Help you to make decisions which will be appropriate, relevant and useful in the next and subsequent stages of student life Our aim at Day Waterman College is to provide all students with a broad and balanced KS4 curriculum, tailored to the individual's needs and with the widest range of possibilities and opportunities available post 16. Since the National Curriculum continues until the end of year 11, some of what is studied at Key Stage 4 is compulsory (see the Core Curriculum pages). The remainder of the KS4 curriculum is optional (see the Option pages). Students will need to spend some time discussing and selecting which subjects to study for the next two years in addition to the core subjects. This is an exciting but often challenging time and I would urge you to talk with subject Teachers, Curriculum Leaders, Head of Departments, Tutors and Mr. Bello (Key Stage 4 Coordinator) in

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