Igcse Biology Essay

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Module 1: TMA C Question 1 |Temperature |Time (Seconds) |PH | |10ºc |95 |7 | |15ºc |65 |7.2 | |20ºc |42 |7.1 | |25ºc |30 |7.4 | Question 2 (a) Two sets of rats were used so there would be a control set in both parts of the experiment. The experiment was to see the effect of milk on the development of the rats. By giving one set milk for a certain amount of time then stopping the milk after 18 days and giving the same amount to the other set It was possible to control the variables that may effect the results. (b) 20 rats were used rather than two to ensure reliability of the investigation. If just 2 rats were used the end results may have been caused by another factor other than milk, such as illness of one of the rats. By using so many rats an average of the results can be calculated and therefore the end result more accurate. (c) Calcium – a mineral found in milk that is responsible for making teeth and bones. Vitamin A - a vitamin found in milk responsible immune health and for normal growth and development of body tissues. (d) Young rats were used rather than adults because this investigation was

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