Ifsm Stage 3 Final Essay

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GENERIC STRATEGY: Improve the technology within the fitness facility and training the staff with all the equipment and software being implemented. STRATEGIC BUSINESS AREA: Making sure all fitness rooms have Wi-Fi connectivity in order to use the Apps and internet while working out. PROCESS TO BE IMPROVED: The sign-in process when entering the fitness facility. The fitness facility will be able to allow customers to swipe a card for entry instead of signing a clip board. The staff will have information in a database readily available for information pertaining to the customer and their needs. Most of the time when you walk into a fitness facility you will either sign in or show the staff a card with a number on it. Now, we are implementing a new process where all you have to do is scan your card when you walk in at the front counter. Your information such as, name, birth date, the day you signed up for membership, and how many days you have come to the facility are all in a software program (Quik Chek) for the fitness staff to look at. This information is available to all staff and managers for any report due. There is Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the facility, and you are able to download mobile Apps to help you continue a great workout. The fitness facility will now have online purchasing available for memberships and workout gear. The process of cancelling a membership is also available online instead of having to come in to the facility to show your membership card and pay a buyout fee if applicable. This will help improve the overall profits and customer satisfaction within the fitness facility. INST USE Area | High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A) | Explanation for Ranking(minimum 2

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