Ifsm 300 Stage 2 Essay

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UR UMUC HEALTHY FITNESS CENTER CASE STUDY STAGE 2: BUSINESS PROCESS ANALYSIS & TECHNOLOGY PROPOSAL BY anonymous 10 FEB 2013 IFSM 300 PROFESSOR RANDY SHAFFER In Stage 1, I identified a strategic area for improvement and a business function that required enhancement through technology. We also analyzed the competitive forces that influence our organization and the impact they have upon us. Let's recap the main points of Stage 1 before I introduce Stage 2 of our facility improvement plan. * Generic Strategy: Based on the forces that will have a negative impact (Buyer Power, Threat of substitute products or services, and Threat of new entrants) our strategy must be one to mitigate those forces. Using a broad market and low cost strategy will help our situation. Employing this strategy will allow us not to disenfranchise our current customer base. * Strategic Business Area: Customer Relationship Management. * Business Process Improvement: The technology solution will be application software, specifically software that will streamline our interactions with the customers such as electronic signing in, electronic bill payment while providing data to tailor our services. As well as provide a means to effectively communicate with them. We have not improved how we manage our customers since 1980. The world is changing but UR UMUC Fitness Center has remained stagnant. We have no idea who are customers are and they don't know us. We are taking their money but we are not doing the things necessary to keep their patronage in this competitive environment. We have no data or feedback to implement changes or new policy. Robert Gurrero, a business fitness author, explains " "Automation of various processes in fitness management can markedly boost overall business performance of gym centers and help managers to reduce costs while allowing marketing

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