If You Have Read Much Ado About Nothing and Othello Then Please Read This.?

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In Othello, Iago is a man of evil and Don John from Much Ado About Nothing, by Shakespeare is of the same mind set. Iago and Don John are both villains trying to achieve a sense of honor to feed their reputation, even if the stakes are losing everything and becoming a mockery. Both of them are very unstable, driving them to seek a stable reputation. Iago and Don John both see the world like reputation is everything. Shakespeare shows this through both Iago and Don John’s instability, by having both of them throw everything out on a limb just to boost their reputation. Iago for example seems to have a large insecurity that forces him into doing evil. Most people are stable and don’t care about their reputation enough to murder, but the ones that do act out usually are people that have been treated badly by society. “How tartly that gentleman looks! I never can see him but I am heart-burned an hour after.” (M, I, ii, 56-58) Don John is far from accepted, hence his inability to feel compassion and forcing him to seek stability. Don John shows the same traits by going as far as deliberately slandering Hero’s reputation to fuel his own even if he has no reason to distaste her. This is an extremely blatant attempt to make himself feel better even if Hero is ruined by his insecurity. Iago is also very unstable by always lying to cover up who he really is, and never showing the real Iago. Iago also did not get accepted to be the Lieutenant, and he thinks this is an unjust assault upon him, allowing him to ignore his conscience and become evil to others. This greed for power and respect is a natural feeling that can claim the most innocent of people. Iago for instance starts off trying to claim the place that he thinks he deserves, but this leads him to always want more. Iago only wanted to become the Lieutenant to the Moor, but once he succeeds in this he cannot control

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