If There Is a Rose For Emily Essay

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If there was a rose for Emily When I read this article, the first impression Miss Emily gave me was an elegant, traditional, slender, tranquil and perverse lady. She carried her head high enough and was dignified. She protected the tradition, value and dignity of her family and was deeply influenced by her family and her father. In my opinion, this was a character which should be respected by most of us. When the character Homer Barron appeared, especially when I reached the surprising ending, I felt quite confused because I could not believe a person independent as Miss Emily would fall in love with this man so deeply and even committed to kill him to attach him until she died. I began to feel quite antipathetic about this character. In my opinion, everyone should be independent and should not do something to attach anyone else, especially someone who does not like him. Not until last did I realize Miss Emily’s loneliness and solitude. That big, squarish frame house was the place which Miss Emily lived in all her life, which isolated her from the people and the society spacially. The dignity and tradition of her family made her quite special and different from the people in the town, which leaded to many difficulties in her communication with other people. The indifference of other people’s inner hearts and the society had a great impact on Miss Emily’s loneliness all her life. After her father’s death, there was not even a single person in her life she could communicate with truly. When Mr. Barron appeared in her life, maybe he meant the lifesaver in her life, which could get her out of the abysm of loneliness. Once the hope was lighted, Miss Emily would try every method she knew to keep her hope of life. This was not only about love, but also about the belief of life. I want to describe it as a life of lonely desperation. I don’t want to say Miss Emily’s life

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