If My Apartment Was on Fire I Would Grab 3 Things Essay

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It’s turning into a movie night. First Rambo and now Scarface. My bed has never been this comfortable on a rainy Sunday afternoon and knowing my vacation to Cancun México is just hours away couldn’t make this day any better. My bags are ready and I’m anxiously waiting for Monday morning to get here. I could just imagine myself sipping a nice cold corona in the beach while checking out the hot looking babes. The movie had just finish and I was ready to call it a night. Just when I was ready to turn off the lights, someone desperately knocked on my door. It was my next-door neighbor Ms. Santos screaming, “fire” down the hallway. I quickly checked to see if there were any smoke coming from the apartment but everything was clear. I took a quick peak at the balcony and all I saw was a load of smoke and fire. It appeared that the apartment was on fire and I didn’t know what to do. My first thought was to grab my passport and luggage because going to Cancun was the only important thing to me at the moment. But then I realize that are more valuable things inside my apartment. The first place I went to was my son’s room. I would feel guilty if I let his Mickey Mouse teddy bear burn. So I grabbed it because it means a lot to him. Mickey Mouse is his favorite cartoon character. He has all his toys and accessories. His teddy bear since birth was always something special to him. It was his first gift and every night before he goes to sleep he gives the bear a goodnight kiss. I got out as quickly as possible from my son’s room before the fire started to spread out the apartment. As I’m on my way to evacuate the building, I took a quick glance at the living room and there I saw my best friend’s portrait. Angel. Angel was my best friend in high school

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