If It Were Not for His Wife, Macbeth Would Never Have Decided to Murder Duncan.

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If it were not for his wife, Macbeth would never have decided to murder Duncan. In MacBeth, a famous Shakespeare play, MacBeth, with the aid of his lover, Lady MacBeth, murders Duncan, King of Scotland, for his throne. In the Act in which this occurs, before the deed is done MacBeth is doubtful and wavers. Lady Macbeth sees this as weak and cowardly and manipulates him into killing the King. Lady MacBeth plays an important part in Duncan’s murder because it is she who had the greater ambition to kill him. If Lady MacBeth weren’t a role in this play, MacBeth would have realized that murder was wrong and illogical. If Lady MacBeth was not a part in the play MacBeth, her husband would not have committed such a heinous crime. In Act 1, Scene 7, Macbeth is hovering around King Duncan’s bedroom, hesitant and afraid. He claims that “This even-handed justice commends th’ingredience of our poisoned chalice to our lips” (Act1, Scene7, Lines 10-12) Here he is saying that, if the King is killed, there will be terrible consequences. That he is just digging his own grave. At this point, before his Lady enters, MacBeth is very aware of this and confident of it. Then towards the middle of the scene, his his belief fades and becomes hers. Lady MacBeth is very manipulative and driven by the hunger for power. She doesn’t seem to show any shame or guilt in insulting her husband. “When you durst do it, then you were a man” (Act1,Scene7, Line2). By stating this fact or theory, she implies that, despite the excellent soldier and fighter he is, he isn’t a man until he has done this deed. As she planned, he already knew that he was a man, a great one too, but just to prove it to his wife, he fell into her trapped and killed Duncan. If Lady MacBeth didn’t exist, MacBeth would have understood that he was already a great man and was thoroughly satisfied with being a war hero, a

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