If It Wasnt For Faith Essay

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Continuing with the instructional theme of diversity, the students in this 7th grade class read Warriors Don’t Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock’s Central High. The author, Melba Petillo Beals, was one of nine African American teen-agers who were integrated into Little Rock Central High School in 1957. After using EmPOWER™ for 4 months within a daily writing class, the following writing assignment was given… Essay - Warriors Don’t Cry The dictionary definition of warriors is as follows: One engaged or experienced in battle; a fighting man or woman. Explain why Melba and the other 8 students could/should be considered warriors. How does the title of the book we read tie in with your reasons? Use specific examples/events from the story to support your reasoning. In your concluding paragrah, tell whether you feel these “warriors” won the battle; did they make a difference? HOW? © 2002 Architects For Learning®, LLC . All Rights Reserved . www.architectsforlearning.com January 9 English 7-5 I believe that the Little Rock 9 can be considered warriors for multiple reasons. They had to suffer discrimination, taunting, and racism in general on a day to day basis, but they stuck it out, they went through many things, in essence, that a warrior in combat must deal with. The 9 were effectively in battle, to some degree, every day. They faced the kind of physical danger problems, to a certain level. People would throw golf balls at them, people called their homes and made death threats, the 9 were beaten up constantly. Melba was attacked with acid grenades and golf balls, Mini Jean had food dumped on her, and others were beaten. Melba would get death threats at night! They were under attack, and this is what is happening to a warrior in battle. This effectively makes the Little Rock 9 warriors. Another reason is that the 9 had to

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