If It Was Up to Me Essay

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Chorus: If it was up to me we'd be just fine If it was up to me we'd be alright If it was up to me You'd never cry But, you'd never give me the time... Verse I : Rap~ Guy: If it was up to me I'd help you understand That you're the princess and I am your man But, no, somehow I always get overlooked By some douche bag, that always got you bangin' on his hook. I'm not sayin' you're another fish in the sea but you would be a shark if you were swimmin with me All these thoughts in my head I wish they were true When I wish upon a star, I wish it was you But, I guess I'll never get this wish I plead for You're playin' with my heart You beat it, it tore I don't really think I can take anymore Plus, its hard to get up, since you knocked me on the floor But I guess, I'll try to get up and make myself better Your words are so Cold they got me under the weather I can't do anything but get myself together but it isn't your fault cus' ~Chorus~ Verse II : Rap~ Girl (Tsianina) IF it was up to me I'd help you understand That my feelings for you are hard to withstand My feelings for him are less than you think All he ever does is make my heart sink.. I am your princess and you are my man But as soon as he came, you left me, you ran I know I'm not another fish in the sea But why, can't you show your feelings for me? Yeah, you just keep wishing on that star But, I promise that it won't get you very far I did that for him, and now I want to leave The way we act now, it's not hard to believe?? ^^^^ Fix this later ^^^^ But can you trust me everytime that I say That its you I want to be with everyday? I know last time we said some hurtful things but hey, I'm sorry that was me being mean ~Chorus x2~ The

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