If Ihave Aworld Of My Own Essay

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“If I had a world of my own" At the beginning of the world there reigned a perfect harmony between man and his creator. The man also lived in perfect harmony with other creatures including animals, herbal gardens which are for men. The creator was so fond of his creatures and the creatures on their side also loved their creator. There was a perfect love between the creature and the Creator. But because of disobedience all these achievements and all that love disappears in favor of hate, grief, violence, injustice and so on. The animals become fierce towards men, men as fierce against them; man totally hates his fellow, the man who completely destroys the nature formerly created with love by the creator and love for man. However, in a perfect world there would rule but love. With this love we will live in perfect harmony with nature, animals, and our fellow human beings with all the other creatures but especially with the creator. We are going to love as God loves us and all our actions will be governed by love. We walk with love, with love we sleep, we wake up with love, we look with love, we work with love, with love we learn, we teach with love, share all things with love, we will be united by love, we reconciliation we love, we will write things with love, we lire things with love, we describe things, with love stories, we will draw things with love, we will govern and manage the public things with love. We will develop a leadership style that is love and our motto is love by love with love for

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