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If I were homeless I would want people to know that every night I would wonder if I will have food tonight, or if I’ll have a structure over my head, will I wake up or will I die tonight. Well that happens every day and no one cares or doesn’t bother. It is going on and will still go on forever unless our generation does something about it. To prove this there are three to four million people in the U.S.A. who are homeless, maybe more because all people cannot be counted. Forty-five percent are single men, fourteen percent are single woman, forty percent are families, thirty-three percent are veterans who have served are country and are known homeless, thirty three present are children who under the age of 18. So next time your see a homeless person walk to them and give them something little or big. What could I do to help change the life of a homeless person this day, week, month, year? I could help a homeless person today by just giving them a dollar or food. I may not seem like a lot but imagine if you haven’t eaten in a couple weeks and someone comes up to u and gives food its different right? Even a dolor would help because it may seem not very much money but what if for every dollar u gave two more people gave one and if this process repeats ten times that’s a lot of money. I could change their lives in a week by doing the same thing every day in a week. For a month and a year I could give them money for the time and give more every time. Thank you and I hope everyone changes their mind about

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