If I Were Watching God Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Peace.Life 1. Based on a careful reading of this chapter describe as fully as possible what “peace” means. Peace was the core of what Jesus meant by Kingdom. Peace is a result and not a goal, it is the result in a good relationship 2. How are “peace” and “shalom” related? Shalom is a loving relationship with God, family, Israel, and other nations and for a Jew of Jesus day, you’ve got peace if you love God. 3. Near the beginning of this chapter, McKnight says “instead of focusing on having a good marriage, a husband and a wife who focus on loving one another will have a marriage of peace” (p.73). Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? I agree because if you don’t love your husband or your wife you can never have a good…show more content…
I was hanging out with the wrong people; my grades were dropping, so I ask myself “what’s the wise thing to do?” When I asked myself this question I knew first that I had to change the group of people I hang out with. I need to study hard. And I also said to myself, in order to be successful, I have to start hanging out around successful people. 4. Select the two elements of the seven elements of Jesus’ wisdom discussed by McKnight that relate most to where your are in your life at this point and write about how you might practice these elements of wisdom. Discover who you are by loving others: Enemies can be loved easier than conquered. These two things I can relate to because I feel like if I don’t love myself for who I am, then I can never show love to the people around me. And I also need to learn how to forgive people and forget about the past. Chapter 8 Church.Life 1. You have been responding to specific questions for each of the previous chapters. Let’s take a different direction here. After reading Chapter 8 on the “church” and the “interlude” following it, write your own essay on the church. You may agree or disagree with

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