If I Were the President of United States Essay

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With this election being the first in which I could vote, I paid more attention than in the past. The amount of intelligence and passion that each candidate puts into campaigning and speeches is inestimable. As I watched the final two candidates work toward becoming our country’s 44th president, my thoughts were constantly consumed with things I felt were important and should be changed. If I was the president of the United States, I would try to be a great leader by showing integrity. With the power of the presidency, the country can be changed. A president must lead by example and motivate his people. Presidential power would overwhelm most, but not me. I know exactly what I would change to make this country a better place to live in. As a president there are so many things on my list to fix about this country. The first thing, I would change about this country would its economy. The economy would be at the top of my list because citizens are suffering, banks are closing, and the county is in debt. Second thing, I would fix would be education because American’s education system sucks as compared to other countries. I would ensure food security and better health care system. As a president it will be my duty to better health care to my citizens. I would legalize gay marriage across the board. I would work hard to devise an alternative fuel strategy. There are so many other issues in this country that I will do my best to fix them. Improving the economy has been a struggle for many years. These issues that we face every day cause deep depression; we face many challenges ahead. I really want to help the economy because I see people getting fired from jobs. Unemployment has been a problem throughout the United States since the beginning of our economic structure. In the most obvious sense, unemployment means "being without a job." The term unemployment is one

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