If I Were the President of Pakistan Essay

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If I were The President of Pakistan Why would anyone want to be a president? Though I think it is a great honor to be one, but with that honor comes great responsibility. Firstly, I have no interest in politics and I don’t belong to a family with a political background. Secondly, if ever, unfortunately, I was made a president I would like to make many changes. One of the main problems in Pakistan is regional conflicts which arise due to lack of distribution of resources. Plus the people of our country lack unity. They still fight over religious matters as people did more than a hundred years ago. This makes it a lot difficult for even a president like me to deal within such a country. Pakistan is rich in natural resources and has several gold, copper and even coal mines, but the height of being so pathetic is that we don’t have the equipment to take all that out. Corruption is spreading its roots in our country. A website named thenews.com ranked Pakistan as the 42nd most corrupt nation worldwide last year and today the same website ranks Pakistan as the 7th most corrupt among the top ten. Corruption is a virus that has spread over the nation in such a way that no matter how rich or poor a person is, everyone plays their role in it. It carries many problems of the third world with it, including electricity and gas load shedding, unfair budget distribution among provinces and even a falling in the GDP, which has lead to a huge depreciation of the Pakistani rupee. I, being a president, would distribute the resources fairly among provinces and would make strict laws for corruption, so that everyone who intends to do it should be well aware of the consequences. Being a president has its own charms too. I would love to enjoy the status of a president and would make better relations with other countries. In

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