If I Were Julius Caesar

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If I were Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was a Roman military and political leader. He played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. He spent all his life being a king of Roman Empire, but unfortunately, he failed at last. Although he did not success, he is still a great man in the history. Julius Caesar was a great talented militarist rather than a politic statesman. Chinese often say that it is easy to win the world, but it is hard to govern it. Julius Caesar’s failure proved this point. Facing the enemy, he was a brave and smart militarist. As a politician, he did not know the darkness of political circles. In the political circles, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Brute was a typical example. He used to be a follower of Pompey, but after Pompey died, he changed his opinion and became a follower of Caesar. Facing Brute, Caesar believed him easily. Caesar was so credulous that he relaxed his vigilance. On the other hand, after he got many great achievements, he became arrogant and conceited. He din not care augur’s prediction, and he think protection by guard is a sign of weakness. All in all, Caesar’s failure is the limitation of age and ruling class. In the slave society, everything round the interests of slave owner. When new policies damaged the interests of slave owner, the reform was against and failed. The failure is inevitable. Therefore if I were Julius Caesar, after I won the civil war, I would use every means to kill those who did not agree with my thoughts, and consolidate my position in the country. I would not trust anyone easily, even my henchman. Especially such man like brute, I would never trust him. On the other hand, if I were Julius Caesar, I would carry out my new policies gradually. Chinese often say Haste makes waste, And nothing great comes into be all at once.
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