If I Were Born the Opposite Gender Essay

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Imagine that you were born of the gender opposite to what you are now. Looking back at your childhood, your teen years, and however many adult years you have now, in what ways do you think your life would have been different? If I were born male my childhood would have been completely different. I received special treatment from my dad growing up female and if I were a boy I believe I would not have received that. I have two older brothers and if I were the third boy I would have just been another family member as opposed to me being the youngest and only girl, I was looked at more as a precious keepsake. My father especially would buy me almost anything I asked for and he would even buy me things I didn’t ask for. We didn’t have much growing up but he did what he could to make his little girl happy. My teen years again would have been very different. Being a female in my teen years I was very promiscuous and if I were born a male I believe I would not have encountered many of the incidents I did. I probably would have been more homely and focused on my studies rather than seeing who’s going to the mall or worrying about being the best. I can say without certainty that it might have been easier growing up male rather than female in the teen years, just because of all the things us females have to endure when finding out who we really are. Currently if I were male I still think my life would be easier. For some reason I think for the most part men have it easier than woman and that is unfortunate. I don’t think I would have had my son this early and I also believe I would not be in love, like I am now. I suppose being born male I would be more engaged in my work and being the best man I could be with little to no distractions in my life. Those are some ways my childhood, teen years and now would have been different if I were born the opposite gender. Think about

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