If i Were a Giant Essay

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If I was a stagering 8ft tall giant I would have to adjust to many things in life. I would have to adjust all my resources such as food laundry clothing ect.. I would also have to upgrade my utilities,decor such as house and furnituer. The first thing I would make sure is I would adapt to my resources such as clothes food and my health products. I just started to grow constantly and by the age of 18 im a 8 foot giant. I would find a pair of huge shoes to fit me. Shirts wouldnt be that hard, on the other hand pants would be very difficult to find. My pants would be like 4 feet long. I would multipliy a normal food course by 3 so I would know how much I should eat. A balanced meal for me would be a balanced meal for 3 I would say. Next I would upgrade my decor and utilities to firmly fit my size.My sink would be at least 6 feet off the ground. my toilet would be huge the white throne will actually be a throne. My bed would be basicly be a bunk bed without a bottom bunk. My house would be 30ft tall and counters would be like walls for a normal house. I would have everything to be customized to firmly grip my size and make me feel like I was normal. So, thats what it would be like in my life as a giant. Everything would grip my size an make me feel comfortable. I would adjust my life to my size includeing utilities, decor and

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